What is ConsoleFood?

ConsoleFood is a website that finds the best gaming deals in the UK for console gamers. We also publish gaming news and opinion articles.


Why you don’t cover [insert platform name]?

ConsoleFood focuses on news and deals for popular video game consoles. As we launched in 2015, we are concentrating on platforms goings forwards and for this reason older consoles such as the Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3 will not be covered. We currently do not list portable video games, but this may change in future.


Does ConsoleFood sell games?

We do not sell games, consoles or accessories. Deals are hand-picked from various online retailers and listed on ConsoleFood. All purchases are made directly on the retailer’s website.


Why are some deals listed as “Stale”?

When a deal is “stale” it means it is no longer available. This may be due to the retailer altering the price, ending a promotion or simply running out of stock.


Why are prices listed in GBP (£)?

ConsoleFood focuses on finding deals for the United Kingdom. For this reason, we list all prices in Great British Pounds.


Why is the price different when I visit the retailer?

The video game deals we list are always accurate at the time of posting. However, retailers may alter their prices at anytime. We regularly check our listing to make sure they are accurate but there may be a short delay between the retailer updating their price and us marking the deal as “stale”.

If you’d like to report a stale deal then please contact us via our online form.


How do I get a refund?

ConsoleFood does not sell products, we simply list retailer deals. If you would like a refund for an item you have purchased then please contact the retailer directly.