Nintendo Switch accessories reveal USB-C and potential touchscreen functionality

Posted on by Jack Parsons

Nintendo Switch USB-C Charger and accessories

The Nintendo Switch will use a USB-C type charging connection and could have touch-screen functionality, judging by recently published Switch accessories.

Retailer EBGames may have just let slip some previously unannounced features of the Nintendo Switch. A number of accessories have been published on the retailer’s online store, including Switch charging cables and a Nintendo Switch starter pack.

The Nintendo Switch charging cables, which are available in either Black or Red, show an image of a USB cable featuring a C type connection. Confirming what many suspected when seeing the promotional image released by Nintendo. EBGames also states the following onthe items description page:

USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable compatible with the Nintendo Switch Console.

Another accessory listed on the site is a “Nintendo Switch starter kit”, which includes a case, screen protectors and a screen cleaning wipe. Could this mean that the Nintendo Switch will have touch screen functionality? While it’s not a certainity, the screen wipe and protectors certainly hint towards it.

Source: EBGames