Macronix to supply memory for Nintendo NX, cartridges possible.

Posted on by Jack Parsons

Nintendo Cartridge Macronix Memory NX

Macronix International Co Ltd (a manufacturer of non-volatile memory) have confirmed that they will be supplying some form of memory for the upcoming Nintendo NX.

During an online Q4 2015 financial results conference, Macronix’s President C.Y. Lu talks about the current state of the ROM memory business and mentions that one of their key customers is planning a new generation platform. Towards the end of the conference call (during the Q&A section) it is then revealed that he was in fact referring to the Nintendo NX.

Macronix Key Customer ROM slide - Nintendo NX

The following text is a rough translation of Yahoo’s (Chinese) financial stock article, covering the news:

Japanese video-game company Nintendo will launch their new NX system this year. Macronix’s General Manager (CY Lu) said that Macronix will supply products for the NX and has considerable expectations regarding this.

Macronix held an online conference this afternoon. Due to Nintendo releasing their new NX system this year, investors were concerned about whether Macronix (who have a longstanding business relationship with Nintendo) will be part of the NX supply chain.

CY Lu stated that Macronix will provide memory units for the NX and, internally, has considerable expectations regarding the NX.

Despite refusing to disclose whether they will supply the NX with ROM, CY Lu did say that he expects ROM sales to be outstanding this year.

In the past, Macronix have produced ROM memory for various Nintendo game cartridges, including the Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS. They have also produced flash memory for consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. So what could Macronix be bringing to the NX?

Speculation time:

On February 20th 2015, Nintendo filed a patent (US 20150231511) for a games system that lacked an optical disc drive. The patent stated that the system would included a “card slot” that “can read or write data from/to the attached memory card” and “store the read-out program in the first memory or the internal HDD”.

Nintendo Patent Card Slot System

If the patent above does in fact refer to the Nintendo NX (which it may not) then taking into considering Macronix’s involvement, could the NX mark Nintendo’s return to cartridge based software for home consoles? Or will Macronix simply be providing internal memory for the NX system instead? Only time will tell.

Details of the Nintendo NX are due to be release at some point in 2016. For more information about the NX, head over to our “Nintendo NX: Separating fact from fiction” article.