Kojima’s latest Death Stranding trailer unveiled at The Game Awards 2016

Posted on by Jack Parsons

Hideo Kojima has unveiled a new trailer for upcoming PS4 game Death Stranding at this year’s Game Awards.

Death Stranding’s latest trailer is just as mysterious (and creepy) as expected, raising more questions than it answers. It features a Guillermo Del Toro lookalike character who appears to be protecting a small incubation unit. Inside the device is a human baby, attached by it’s umbilical cord and floating in a golden liquid.

Military planes pass overhead as the man runs past dead sea creatures, to take cover under a stone bridge. The camera pans revealing a flesh covered tank with skeleton soldiers in tow crossing just above him.

The ground begins to flood, as a beaten doll floats past, glowing red as it floats deeper into the bridge’s tunnel.  At the other end, shrouded in a mysterious red light are four dead soldiers attached by embering black umbilical cords to Mads Mikkelsen.

Death Stranding is Kojima Productions first game as an independent developer, a studio reformed after it’s break-up with Konami.

Director Kojima has stated the game will feature multiplayer options, an open-world environment and 4K / HDR compatibility. Although an official release date hasn’t been announced, Kojima has hinted towards Death Stranding being released before 2019.